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Jodi Huisentruit Still Missing

It’s been 10 years since went missing. She was the morning and noon news anchor at , the CBS station in Mason City, Iowa, and I use to watch her almost every day. Then, one morning on her way to work, she disappeared. Every theory and every lead over the years have gone no where, but hope still does remain. Yes, the odds are very slim that she’ll be found alive, but there is always the possibility.

If you know anything, major or minor, about the Jodi Huisentruit case, please contact the Mason City Police Department at 515-421-3636 or the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse – Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation at 1-800-346-5507.

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  1. a concerned person says:

    It is so sad when a person out there some where knows so much information, notifies police, and yet it seems to that person that it is taking so long to follow up on it. Has anyone ever thought about the possibilty that there was more than one person that acted out the henious crime against jodi huisentruit??? What if someone out there could lead investigators to where the crime really to place, and could answer all the questions that friends and family have wanted answered for so long. Even though this person can give very detailed information, but they themselves did not have a part in anything that happened?? Can anyone answer that?????

  2. Frank says:

    I remember it well. The night of, June 26, 1995. I was asleep in bed when suddenly I sprung up at about 11:59 p.m. The woman that I was with that night, Andrea “Sue” DeLawyer, turn and asked, “what’s wrong with you?”

    I looked at her and stated, “I need to get to, Mason City, and I need to get their now!”

    Sue, “what’s in, Mason City, that you have to go their right now?”

    I looked at, Sue, as she climbed back into bed, and stated, “Jodi Huisentruit, is going to be abducted tomorrow on her way to work.”

    Sue, snapped off, “their is no, Jodi Huisentruit, in , Mason City. Just go back to sleep, and we’ll deal with this in the morning.” I should have gotten up at that time and done something, anything would have been better then listening to, Andrea “Sue” DeLawyer. The next morning, Sue, was up first, with her six year old daughter. She walked into the front room of the trailerhouse, and turned on the t.v. A few minutes later she came into the back bedroom where I was at and awakened me screaming, “they took her! She’s gone. It’s all over the news now. Somebody kidnapped that woman you named last night.”

    I then started to describe the crime to, Sue. After that I told, Sue, to “turn that old news off. I’ve already seen it.” Over the course of the previous 8.5 months every night I had the same dream. After about the second month, it started to become a nightmare to me. I did not get the date until the night of, June 26, 1995. After I got the date and time, I woke up. I know that I was suppose to do something. I wanted to drive to, Mason City, I was only about one hour and fifteen minutes away in, Eldora, Ia. I knew the route to drive that would be the fastest bypassing, Iowa Falls, and cutting some time off the trip. Dirt roads can work wonders for that kind of stuff. I wanted to call the, Mason City, Police Department, but she didn’t want that charge on her phone bill. If I would have made the call, how would I explain my acknowledgment of the crime? How would I report a crime that would happen in about four and a half hours? Would the police take if as something serious or a bad hoax? Would they have checked into it? We may never know. I only wish that I stood up to, Andrea “Sue” DeLawyer, and done something to prevent the negative stuff from happening to, Jodi. 27 is not a good age to be dead at. Jodi, is missed and is always in my thoughts and prayers.

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