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Will Firefox ever be Aquafied?

The team keeps saying ‘it is coming’ and it never does. I’ve been seeing more and more reviews lately and they all include how wonderful it looks. How it fits right in with the Mac environment. Well what about Firefox?

Granted, I don’t think Firefox is ugly by any means, however I wish it did use aqua checkboxes and drop downs and other Apple friendly graphics. An interface that was sleek like Camino would be excellent also.

I really with the Camino people and Firefox people could get together and work on one masterpiece of a browser for the Mac. Camino has the design and elegance for the Mac platform and Firefox has the users and much needed extension support. So why can’t they work together?

Hopefully, there will be an updated Mac Firefox later this year, but I’m not holding my breath anymore.

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  1. ceprix says:

    Firefox is never going to be truly aquafied unless it’s rewritten with Cocoa. What the Firefox team meant by “aquafication” is making it looks like a Mac OS X application. In the meantime, you can make it more polished with Firefoxy. I personally prefer Camino over Firefox because Firefox is a bit buggy and unstable on Mac OS X whereas Camino is pretty usable and stable. I highly recommend you use Camino 0.9a1, which can be downloaded here.

    On the Windows side, Firefox is the best browser for sure, but on the Mac side, it’s definitely not. I’d list Safari, Camino, and Shiira as a better browser than Firefox. You also mentioned it’d be great if the Camino and Firefox development teams work together on Firefox, but that can’t be done unless Camino is abandoned. The Camino team is not really part of the Mozilla Foundation by any chance and is maintained by a bunch of volunteers. Therefore, there is no reason why they have to work on Firefox instead of their preferred Camino. If you don’t like Firefox, why not switch to Camino, instead?

  2. Thomas says:

    Camino doesn’t have spell check or extensions. I didn’t mean to say I don’t like Firefox, because I do. I use it 90% of the time. However, I thought it’d get more Mac’ish. Either way, I’ll still use it.

  1. 7/7/2005

    Firefox Gets Mac Pretty

    Granted it’ll be a while until it arrives on my desktop, but the Firefox team has began adding Aqua elements into their web browser. Checkboxes, drop down menus and buttons are on their way. Users probably won’t see them until next year…

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