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Firefox Groowe Toolbar – 2

Lets try this again. The Toolbar for Firefox was modifying my 404 errors yesterday. I was very annoyed because 1) I couldn’t figure out how I was getting to this new 404 page, and 2) couldn’t turn it off. However all is well now. Milos responded to my issues and corrected them in just minutes of me emailing the Groowe developers. They’ve since made some updates to the 404 site also so that people know how they got there.

So, I’m no longer mad at the Groowe Toolbar. It’s very cool and coming along quite nicely.

It seems that the Toolbar for Firefox is now modifying the way I view the web. During some small update they included some code that creates a custom 404 error page if the site doesn’t have one already. Well this was bugging me to no end. One, I didn’t know what extension was doing this. Two, I cant stop it without un-installing the toolbar. Sure, there is an option in Groowe’s preferences, however neither choice is what I want. I just want the browser to deal with 404 errors. I have written the company and hopefully they respond soon. If you’ve started getting redirected to, it’s all because of the Groowe toolbar.

I hope they fix it soon as I like this extension, but will get rid of it if it keeps this up.

Update: Wow that was fast. They responded to me, found an issue and updated the toolbar in less than 10 minutes. WOW. It’s all good now. I can turn off the 404 properties. Phew

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  1. 7/8/2005

    […] hat it seems a little slow opening new windows, it seems nice. Not sure if it can replace Groowe though as it doesn’t have any delays and many more […]

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