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Logitech Mice Rock

It’s only been a few hours today with my MX 310 mouse and I’m loving every moment of it.

I picked it up on for like $3 and it doesn’t disappoint. I’ve never had any issues with Logitech products and I’d recommend them to anyone. It has six buttons, but only one extra special button. I call it the button.

There is a little button on the top of the mouse that comes pre-programmed to be an application switcher. Well, a much more useful feature is Exposé. With one click, all the open windows on my screen resize themselves so that I can see them all and choose the one I’m looking for. Then, they all race back to their original size and location. It’s a wonderful feature in and it’s really handy programed into my mouse.

Now all I need is another button or two for the other two Exposé features. 🙂

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