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Web Developers Dream Firefox Extension

As Firefox gets more popular, more developers are creating extensions for it. And some, like , are just amazing.

Aardvark allows the user to glide over a web page and see where tables, images, paragraph tags and div tags are. It also tells you the elements type, class’ or IDs. This is great for web designers and developers who always troubleshoot designs. If something doesn’t look right, just use Aardvark to see what element is causing the issue.


It also allows you to remove elements, isolate them, erase them, colorize elements and more. Don’t worry, it’s all temporary, however it is quite useful and just fun to use and play with.

If you’d like to see for yourself, just go to the Aardvark site and they have a demo setup that will allow you to see the possibilities without installing the extension.

Aardvark is one of my favorite extensions and one of the best extensions I’ve seen so far.

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