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Windows Vista Cruiser

Order your very own 2006 Windows Vista Cruiser today!
2006 Windows Vista Cruiser
That’s right, Microsoft is coming out with a brand new addition to your home. The new Windows Vista Cruiser comes fully loaded with most features that others already have. It enables a new level of confidence in you and you’ll get the most out of it. It can seamlessly connect you to the outside world as you drive it around town.Think you’ve seen the Windows Vista Cruiser before? Well you may have. Recently made popular by those crazy kids on That 70s Show, the Windows Vista Cruiser could make you as cool as Eric Forman! What chick wouldn’t want you when you’re driving the Windows Vista Cruiser?!

Don’t be fooled by those other cats out there. With their fancy dashboard, snazzy widgets, automated features and a spotlight on usability, they don’t compare with the great retro feeling of a Windows Vista Cruiser.

So what are you waiting for? Order your Windows Vista Cruiser today and we’ll ship it out to you in 2006 or 7 or whenever Microsoft gets it done.

Ordering is not available as it’s so far away that we can’t take pre-orders yet. Come back next year and maybe you can order it then.

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