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Met Stuntdubl – Day 3

I got to meet aka tonight and (I think that’s right as I don’t seem to have a business card) from Both are really nice guys and I enjoyed talking with and getting to know the business from their point of view. Both gave me some great information and tips that I’ve already started using.

I also got some good information from today’s sessions. How to ‘pimp my site’ was very enjoyable and so was one on site usability. It was great to hear from all the major search engines in the keynote on where they’ve been and where they are going too. Hopefully I’ll get around to posting my notes in the next week.

One more day and then back to Minnesota. 🙂

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  1. stuntdubl says:

    Hey Thomas. Wow, you’re on top of blogging (that was quick). Was good to meet you as well. See ya at the next show!

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