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Microsoft Office 12 – Forget What You Know

Some details are emerging about Microsoft Office 12. It appears to have a whole new interface that will take everything you know about Office and throw it out he window. The windows are now a gray metal look and it uses a type of tab system instead of the menubar/toolbar interface. Basically, it looks like you’ll need to re-learn how the program works.

Microsoft Office 12

This isn’t Microsoft’s brightest idea now is it? How many people use Word or Excel and aren’t exactly technically savvy? I think figuring out a new program is to much to ask of most of the Microsoft Office users. Plus, if companies upgrade, they’ll probably have to do training to re-teach how the new Office programs work. Sounds extreme, but it could be the truth!

Now may be the time to start researching Microsoft Office alternatives. Yes, there are lots out there and they work darn good with the Microsoft products. From ThinkFree Office ($50 Mac/PC/Other) to OpenOffice (free Mac/PC/Other) and many more. This software can read and write Word and Excel documents just as good as the original. Maybe it’s time to check them out.

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