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Camino’s cool, but…

I downloaded the latest release of yesterday by accident. (I clicked on a link and it started downloading.) Anyways, it’s a sweet little browser. Light weight, fast, looks great and all around nice to use. However, without spell check, it hardly gets used on my computer.

The developers know that spell check is wanted, along with an RSS reader, but spell check isn’t coming anytime soon. Until then, it’ll just be a browser for surfing every now and then. It’ll never be my primary browser without spell check. 🙁

However, one really cool thing about Camino 1.0a is that it gives a preview of some of Firefox 1.5’s features. Since I haven’t tried the latest Firefox beta, Camino shows me the faster rendering, nicer error screens and wicked fast back and forward buttons. NICE. Can’t wait until the final Firefox 1.5!

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