So what’s up with themes on the Mac? Seems that we’ve all but forgot about them. Who’s to blame? Or are we just expecting to much?

A few years ago a program called Shapeshifter was released and it changed the way we themed Mac OS X. It was now safe and easy. Soon after everyone seemed to jump on the theme bandwagon. Many themes were released and themes from Max Themes and Swizcore Studios were some of the hottest around. So what happened?

Today,, the authority on Mac theming, is almost completely quite, except for the forums. There seems to be very few theme releases and it makes me wonder if the interest is still there. Is it getting to hard? Is it pointless? What happened to all the themers?

I guess there are a few areas that could be harming themes on the Mac.

1) Shapeshifter
This is a great application, however it’s still limited. It had a hard time theming programs from Mozilla (Firefox & Thunderbird) and can’t seem to get every application on board. Who want’s to install a theme that renders an application almost unusable?

2) Apple
Lets face it. Apple doesn’t make the OS that easy to theme. Thus causing headaches for the themers and the Shapeshifter people. If the OS was unified, maybe this would be a lot easier.

3) Themepark
Great application, however quite overwhelming. A themer has to create many many graphics to just get a theme close to complete. With three sizes of everything, the program needs to auto-resize the bigger graphics into the smaller versions to help speed up the process. A good themer probably spends months in this program and still won’t get all the pieces.

4) Themers
Lets face it, with all that work, we’re lazy or don’t have the time. I say we because I used to theme a little. I no longer have the time anymore though. I suppose if this process wasn’t so time consuming, more themes would be born.

5) The Public
Where’s the love? Someone spends days or weeks on a theme just to have horrible feedback. I’ve seen it many times before. Those who don’t theme seem to think that it’s easy to theme and some people are just plain mean. If you don’t give constructive criticism or positive feedback, why would the themer keep creating?

I guess there is no one area that is holding up the theming process. It’s being hindered by more than one area and it’s sad to see themers quitting. However, I’m sure that they’d all jump back on the themeing bandwagon if ThemePark was updated to make it easier or Shapeshifter figured out how to get everything themed.

I don’t think theming on the Mac is dead, it’s just slowed way down and is in need of a pick-me-up.