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Powerpoint Tutorial – Bad Presentation

Everyone is making PowerPoint presentations anymore and some are pretty good. Others, however, have some major issues.

Recently Bill Gates gave a presentation that was done in PowerPoint and he’s a great example of what not to do. That is, unless you want a bad presentation.

Here is what to do to have a bad PowerPoint presentation.

  • Use a busy background. Who cares if half the room can’t read the text?
  • Don’t show the company logo. It’s not about re-enforcing the brand.
  • Clip art rocks! Use as much as possible!
  • Use text that blend into the background. Just because no one can read it doesn’t mean you can’t do it.
  • Use white text on light colors. Again, readability isn’t important. Especially for those who are more than ten feet from the presentation.
  • Don’t vertically align you category titles (Products Technologies). That’d just look to professional.
  • Put as much information on one slide as possible. More slides, that are easier to understand is to much work for the presenter.

Microsoft Loves Clip Art

Microsoft PowerPoint Slide

Those are just a few tips for making your bad PowerPoint presentation. Now you can be as cool as the richest man alive, Bill Gates.

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