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New Yahoo Maps are Better Than Google!

A beta version of the new Yahoo Maps is out. Not only is it good looking, it’s feature rich!

It’s built with Flash and Ajax (I believe) and has all the pretty map images that Google Maps has and it has the ability to zoom in and out and drag around without reloading the page. But wait there is more! Yahoo Maps Beta can add traffic information, speed and road construction details. It ties directly into Yahoo Local to show you where business’ are. Has a great mini map in the upper right so that you can zoom around much faster. Yahoo even enables you to rollover parts of directions and the road highlights on the map.

One cool feature is it even has directions with multiple points! (I think that’s new) Lets say you want to go from here to there but you want to go though town A and B. Well just put all that information in Yahoo Maps and I’ll get you there. No matter how many stops you have to take.

Overall, I like Yahoo Maps Beta over Google Maps as it seems to work a lot smoother and seems more responsive. But, then again, maybe that’s because not everyone is using it yet. 😉

Check it out and give it a try.

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