I’ve been running Firefox 1.5 all day on my iMac G5 and the update hasn’t disappointed me at all.

Here are a few of the new things I’ve noticed, good and bad.

  • Fancy installer (dmg) on the Mac.
  • Start up is slow the first time, but that’s because it’s upgrading everything. Be patient and let it do it’s thing.
  • It saw all my old extensions and themes and updated what it could. Remember, if an extension or theme doesn’t work with FF 1.5 it’s the developers fault, not Firefox’s fault. The developers have had more then enough time to get their extensions and themes ready.
  • New preferences layout. Much nicer.
  • Drag and drop tabs, NICE!
  • The RSS indicator button has moved up to the URL bar. Easier to see I guess. Just like Safari.
  • ‘Copy Image’ is now an option when you right click on an image. I was waiting for this.
  • ‘Set as Desktop Background’ is now an option on the Mac when right clicking on an image. Not sure where the image goes though.
  • ‘Read Email’ and ‘New Message’ are now options on the Mac. Works with Mail.app and Thunderbird just fine.
  • It now downloads updates to the browser and extensions in the background. Not sure how I feel about this as I’m no longer in control of when it checks for updates. Not sure how it does this either. If it updates an extension that I’m using, will that cause a conflict? Humm
  • Super fast back and forward buttons. Mmm, the need for speed!

So far, I’m very happy with Firefox 1.5. Sure, not a lot of ground breaking features, but still a great upgrade.