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SkEdit – A Dreamweaver Replacement

SkEdit is simple, fast, not bloated with useless features and it’s now my Dreamweaver replacement.

It’s extremely hard to find an application that can do all that Dreamweaver can, however, it’s even harder to pay $400 for a piece of software. I have been checking out all sorts of editors trying to find a great Dreamweaver replacement and I’ve ended up with SkEdit.

SkEdit is a nice, small application for Macs that offers a full array of features. It comes with built in FTP/SFTP/WebDAV, has code completion, a preview window, syntax coloring, tabs, Intel support and much more. The only thing I really miss is the ability to edit in design mode and spell check.

I have given SkEdit a good test run (a few months) and I’m still using it today. For only $24.95, and I believe free lifetime updates, it’s incredible. The code auto completion was a big selling feature for me and I absolutely love it.

Sure there are things that bug me but I’ve sent them off to the developer and I’m sure there are features I haven’t even checked out yet. For the price, the features and the quality, SkEdit an excellent application!

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