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Dropping Yojimbo for VoodooPad Lite

I’ve been looking into getting an application to clean up my desktop mess and I researched StickyBrain, MacJournal and Yojimbo. I like MacJournal and I’ve used it before, but I wanted to try something new, so I went with Yojimbo.

Yojimbo is nice, works pretty good, but VoodooPad Lite came out and I found it quite useful and free! It can do pretty much everything Yojimbo can do. Ok it can do whatever I need it to do. It’s great at adding multiple text files and keeping them organized. It works better at saving images and adding URLs is a snap. It has tabs, search, rich text editing and spell check. It’s a great junk drawer and it’s free. That’s the big kicker here. Price is always an important factor.

I’ll keep my eye on Yojimbo as it grows up, but for now, VoodooPad Lite works great as my junk drawer application!

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  1. 8/9/2006

    […] It wasn’t long ago when I was researching ‘junk drawer’ type applications. I wanted something to keep track of all my random information. Blog posts, images, URLs, notes and whatever else. My research ended with VoodooPad Lite; until now. Browsing MacUpdate, I came across Journler and I’ve never seen such a great application, especially for free! […]

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