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A few weeks back my wife broke her ankle and I started working from home more to help her out. The main problem with that was that all we have is cell phones. A few meetings on the cell phone and we’d be over our minutes. So I checked out Skype and found it to be cheap, reliable and amazing phone service.

Since Skype is allowing free phone calls to any land lines in the US & Canada this year, I knew my outgoing calls would all be free. Researching incoming calls and I realized those are free too, it’s just the phone number that I’d have to buy. I came to find out that Skype can get you a phone number in any area code for as little as $12 for 3 months or $38 a year. I picked up myself a local phone number and took the 3 month deal to see how it worked. And it’s perfect.

All my phone needs have been satisfied with Skype. I can call any of my co-workers or clients and they can call me. No one knows the difference. The quality is great and it’s just like using a regular phone. Well that is once I got Ipevo.

One thing I wanted was a handset for Skype. Something with numbers like a phone so I could dial easy. I picked up the stylish Ipevo Free-1 phone on eBay and it’s pretty sweet. Looks pretty much like a phone and ties directly into Skype. I use that to do all my dialing, talking and phone necessities. Plus it’s pretty stylish. The only thing I wish is I had a headset too as when in meetings, I don’t like holding the phone.

Overall I’m very pleased with my Skype service. Not only can I call any Skype member for free, but I can use it as my home phone without many additional costs. It’s way cheaper than Vonage’s $14.99/month.

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  1. JP says:

    What I’d really like to see is Skypes own brand of telephone equipment specifically geared toward the service. Wireless Headsets and internet phones with advanced features would really make the service worth ignoring Vonage.

  1. 8/7/2006

    […] What I’d really love to see is a VOIP solution. Weither it’s a service via iChat, iChat and Skype integration or just an Apple branded VOIP phone. I’m really getting into internet phone via Skype and I’d love something that was more in-sync with my OS. If something does show up, I’ll be all over it! […]

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