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A few weeks back my wife broke her ankle and I started working from home more to help her out. The main problem with that was that all we have is cell phones. A few meetings on the cell phone and we’d be over our minutes. So I checked out Skype and found it to be cheap, reliable and amazing phone service.

Since Skype is allowing free phone calls to any land lines in the US & Canada this year, I knew my outgoing calls would all be free. Researching incoming calls and I realized those are free too, it’s just the phone number that I’d have to buy. I came to find out that Skype can get you a phone number in any area code for as little as $12 for 3 months or $38 a year. I picked up myself a local phone number and took the 3 month deal to see how it worked. And it’s perfect.

All my phone needs have been satisfied with Skype. I can call any of my co-workers or clients and they can call me. No one knows the difference. The quality is great and it’s just like using a regular phone. Well that is once I got Ipevo.

One thing I wanted was a handset for Skype. Something with numbers like a phone so I could dial easy. I picked up the stylish Ipevo Free-1 phone on eBay and it’s pretty sweet. Looks pretty much like a phone and ties directly into Skype. I use that to do all my dialing, talking and phone necessities. Plus it’s pretty stylish. The only thing I wish is I had a headset too as when in meetings, I don’t like holding the phone.

Overall I’m very pleased with my Skype service. Not only can I call any Skype member for free, but I can use it as my home phone without many additional costs. It’s way cheaper than Vonage’s $14.99/month.