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Some Like it HOT

Some like it hot, the rest of us think this is a little to warm.

Heat Wave

Last nigh as we were driving back from a friends house, it was 86 degrees. The time? Midnight!

With temperatures reaching 100 for the next few days, it’s amazing to hear on the weather that a cool down is coming. You know it’s bad when they call 87 a cool down.

On top of that we’ve had very little rain in the past month or two. So lawns are getting pretty fried as these types of temperatures are not that un-common this month.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Much warmer in MSP than here in Atlanta! Folks at work are surprised it gets that hot in Minnesota; how little do they know. I do know I was very happy my workplace decided to send a crew to do live shots in the Cities to cover the heat since we are a Weather Channel. 🙂

    Stay cool!

  2. Justin says:

    It is incredibly hot in Oklahoma. For instance, today it was 104 degrees. The temperature during the evenings, including early mornings has been above 90 degrees more than once in the past week, I can’t stand it!

    Then again, the weather always sucks here…. ALWAYS!

  3. Thomas says:

    They were saying here that the crowds at the Mall of America are beating out some of the holiday crowds. That’s amazing!

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