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Softball Sized Hail

I’ve never seen softball sized hail but it slammed down on Northfiled Minnesota today. Lucky for us, we don’t live there, but it’s not that far away. Windows were smashed, cars dented, holes punched in just about everything and plants destroyed. To make it worse, about 12 hours later, the area was hit by sever storms again and this time with tornados too.

Big Hail

Flickr Gallery | One Home Video | More Details, Videos and Images on the Storm

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  1. Daniel says:

    Some great pics from then and then for the tornadoes I had “live” coverage as my buddy from St. Peter was out towards Nicollet when the tornado first formed…here in Georgia I had radar loops running on my Mac watching it all unfold. Seeing/hearing places I grew up around getting hit was pretty hard to hear and exciting as well. I have been sent various great pics and video from folks I know who were chasing these storms.

  2. Thomas says:

    Yea, I watched the news and checked the radar as everything was moving southward towards my parents house . Lucky for them, it never made it farther south than Rochester really. All the pictures and videos are amazing to see, but I feel bad for the folks that lost crops, buildings, cars. The cleanup is always the hard part.

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