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Welcome Pinky and the Brains

Welcome to our new fish, Pinky and the Brains.

Pinky and the Brains

Ok, so I can’t take a picture of the fish. Maybe I should have switched to motion mode or something. 🙂

Pinky, actually Pinky 2 as the first one didn’t last, is a GloFish®. GloFish® are fluorescent fish (see for yourself) that have been genetically created or something like that. They look bright in the light and glow in black light. If Pinky lasts a week or more, then maybe we’ll go find a green one.

We also got four Neon Tetras that have a stripe of color along the side. They are the Brains or Neos as my wife likes to call them.

We are a little nervous about keeping our fish alive but yet are having fun just watching them. Oddly enough, our cats don’t care about them at all. They’ve looked at the tank and don’t see anything interesting.

So far, we are really enjoying our new additions to the household.

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  1. FISH-girl says:

    i have never had a keen interest in fish that are bright colors such as some tetras and the glowlight danios; however my boyfriend does. his exact word were ” WOW, those are awsome looking! i want some.” i have 3 tanks filled with guppies, mollys, and plattys. and he has some how talked me into eventually getting him some glowlight danios.
    they will be in their own tank because from what i have read they are or can be fin nippers. but after much research i have learned that they are not died fish but rather genetically alter fish and should be kept in schools of 6 or more to be truely happy and stress free as well as provided lots of short and bushy plants with temperatures between 71- 79 deg. F. and i have now come to realize they are pretty cool little * expensive* guys.

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