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No More Air Conditioning For Now

I have come to think I’m out of AC in my car until after the wedding. This is because when I turned on the AC last night not much happened except air. It wasn’t cold or anything so I think I’m out of freon or something. And that’s an expense that can wait.

Site Optimization

A few updates will probably be made around the web site(s) this weekend as there is some clean up I want to do. I’ve already fixed a few links that could have been pointing to better pages and who knows how many more of them I’ll have.

Flash 3D Floor Plans

Hey have you checked out the 3D Flash floor plans the guys and I did at work? They’re pretty cool!

Code Name : Hallo

As reported yesterday I have started a new MacOSX theme and it’s going GREAT! I found out it’s easier now since they integrated photoshop in to themepark so it makes things much easier! Still takes forever though if I re-did everything. Geez.

Hallo : Halloween Theme

I started on a Halloween theme over lunch. It’s for MacOSX and we’ll see how far I get before I loose interest. Nothing to special but still, it’s kinda nice. So far so good!!

Can’t Remember

Why is it I can’t remember what I was gonna post when I’m ready to post. Odd.

Weekend Away

We spent another weekend back home and got some more wedding stuff accomplished. I also helped my future father in law add some trim around the doors. We did a good job too! I also got a western days poster to add to my Chatfield site. Look for all the details in a few days […]

Northern Lights

Northern lights are hard suckers to see. We went out looking last night and it was to early, or cloudy, or something because we saw none. Good idea though.

301 Redirect

301 redirects are actually quite easy! In the past five minutes I learned and created to successful ones. Sweet! What’s a 301 redirect?

JR Wrestling

Tweak: J.R. Wrestling got a minor tweak today as the design now goes along with the website forum somewhat. Not a big change but check it out and see if you like it.