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Weekend Bridal Shower

Weekend: We had a pretty good weekend. Thanks to all who attended Christ’s bridal shower! It sounds like they had a lot of fun! Not much news to report this morning so I’ll write more later.

On The Road Again

On The Road Again: Back to the Wykoff/Chatfield area again this weekend. Christi has a shower to go to and I’m supposed to update the Chatfield Historical Society’s PC. I guess they don’t realize that me and PCs don’t work well together.


Gameworks: Well the guys at work took me out to Gameworks last night and we played games for three hours. Sure was fun!! I think we should do it more often though!!


Cincinnati: I have put up some pictures from our Cincinnati trip!

Annoying and Scardy

Annoying and Scardy: As promised I have a picture of Annoying the Squirrel up. However, he doesn’t seem to be coming back. He’s sending Scardy Cat, a smaller squirrel, to do his dirty work. Tricky little guys I tell ya.


Propel: Have you tried the Fitness Propel water from Gatorade yet? It’s some good stuff. Much better than other flavored water. Mmmm Good.

50 bags of MMs

M&Ms: Mmm M&Ms. I bought 50 bags this morning (14 oz each) for the wedding. I think the Target guy thought I was crazy but he was really nice about it all.

Annoying the Squirrel

Annoying the Squirrel: We have a new pet, well kind of. Annoying the Squirrel that has come to visit our balcony and make a mess. He emptied out the bird feeder and left quite a mess. Then everytime Christ would chase him away he’d come back. Quite funny I thought. However the worst part, I […]

New GMail features

New GMail features: I found out about a few New GMail features. In other news, I think is having a few issues today so this blog may look/act funny. Go figure. Nothing I can do.

On The Road Again

On The Road Again: Thank goodness we’re not on the road again. Over 25 hours on the road in the past four days is enough. The trip to Cincinnati was great, it’s just a long ways there, and back. I’ll have to get my pictures up sometime as I have pictures of the wind farms, […]