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Chatfield Logo

Random: My Chatfield site now has a logo! I was working on it for a while and I have finally come up with something I liked. :: MSN and Yahoo searches are performing quite well, for me and my friends at least. It seems easy to get to the top of them where as Google […]

Cloud 9 Sky Flats

Cloud 9: Cloud 9 Sky Flats are now open! The hi tech style living is pretty sweet. We got to tour them last night and even the views were great! Far enough from the city, yet minutes away.

Chatfield Optimization

Chatfield: Well all my search engine optimization for Chatfield will have to change. RegisterFly (who controls the domain) won’t allow a title tag or keywords in the URL Framing so I’ll have to do a work around. My new effort will be first directing people to a splash page, then into the site. Not what […]

Search Engines

Search: I guess search engines like me now. I’m in the top three, if not number 1 when you search for Minneapolis Web Design in Yahoo, Google, or MSN!! If you’d like help optimizing your site, drop me an email.

Weekend Bridal Shower

Weekend: We had a pretty good weekend. Thanks to all who attended Christ’s bridal shower! It sounds like they had a lot of fun! Not much news to report this morning so I’ll write more later.

On The Road Again

On The Road Again: Back to the Wykoff/Chatfield area again this weekend. Christi has a shower to go to and I’m supposed to update the Chatfield Historical Society’s PC. I guess they don’t realize that me and PCs don’t work well together.


Gameworks: Well the guys at work took me out to Gameworks last night and we played games for three hours. Sure was fun!! I think we should do it more often though!!


Cincinnati: I have put up some pictures from our Cincinnati trip!

Annoying and Scardy

Annoying and Scardy: As promised I have a picture of Annoying the Squirrel up. However, he doesn’t seem to be coming back. He’s sending Scardy Cat, a smaller squirrel, to do his dirty work. Tricky little guys I tell ya.


Propel: Have you tried the Fitness Propel water from Gatorade yet? It’s some good stuff. Much better than other flavored water. Mmmm Good.