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Cupcakes, Cows, Presents & Water

Our little girl is now two years old! What better way to celebrate than with two parties and doing all the fun things she loves to do. It started out with Uncle Josh visiting on her birthday. That’s pretty special as he was in from California. Josh gave her some plastic food so she could […]

Parades are so much fun when you’re a kid.

Lily went to her first parade over the weekend and I think it was almost more than she could take in, but she enjoyed it. From the horses to the floats to the candy, there was always something to look at and something to do. When floats played music, we danced. When there was something being handed […]

Taking a ride on the carousel.

Lily has been really excited to go to the fair this year and tonight was the night. She loved the cows, horses and all the people. Most of all, she loved the carousel. It was mom’s idea to go for a ride and it was a fantastic idea. From the moment the horse started to move, […]

Indoor picnic turns into a food fight.

Since it was so hot out, we decided to have a picnic inside. I laid down a blanket and we brought out chips, drinks and sandwiches. Within 5 minutes Lily picked up a bag of chips and dumped them all over. Then we had to pick them all up; well most of them up. And of course eat some […]