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Lily loves the water this year.

Last year Lily wanted little to do with the water when we were at the beach in San Diego. Over the weekend we visited Lake Ann Park in Chanhassen and this time she had no issues when it came to water. At first we thought she’d freak out because her socks go wet, but it didn’t […]

I’m a nerd about my daughter Lily.

At work they created a contest for employees to showcase what they are a nerd about. All you had to do was make a video and one lucky winner would get an iPad 2. So I was wondering what I was a nerd about. There are more than a few topics I could go with […]

Lily’s practicing rock climbing.

Lily has two uncles that will want to do all sorts of fun stuff with her; like rock climbing. And, as it turns out, most parks by us have a rock climbing wall on the play equipment so we started showing her how it works. No, she won’t be going solo anytime soon, but she’s […]

It’s not a mess Dad, it’s mashed potato art.

I can’t tell if Lily is an artist or just really good at making messes. This is what she did with her mashed potatoes the other night during dinner. And it’s not like it took a few seconds, she spent quite a bit of time making it look good.

Bubbles for the win!

One of Lily’s favorite things at the moment is bubbles. Every time we take a bath, she asks for bubbles. Heck, she’ll ask for bubbles even if it isn’t bath time. Unfortunately we were going through so many bubbles, we had to cut down to one special bubble bath time a week. She still loves […]