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How to manage Google+ pages and profiles in the iOS app.

Google rolled out the ability to manage pages in the Google+ app quite a while ago, but the user experience is so bad that it took me quite a while to figure out how to do it. Once I figured it out though, I also figured out how to mange other Google+ profiles. To manage […]

Why is Google Hangouts So Bad?

Google is well-known for their ability to create great products. I don’t think I could live without Gmail, Google Analytics is fantastic too, and what would we do without search?! However, every now and then some of their products fail. Google Wave and Buzz to name a few. These fortunately were new products that, when […]

Review: The Automatic Link – Smart Driving Assistant

I’ve had my Automatic Link for a few months now and I’m very happy with my purchase. It’s easy to install and just works. Setup First, just plug it in. That was the step I was most worried about as I hadn’t ever interacted with the OBD-II port and I’m not to mechanically gifted. However, […]

Say No To Social Advertising

Both Facebook and Google+ are using your profile pictures to tie into ads. This helps those ads seem more appealing to your friends since you Liked or +1ed those companies in the past. Social ads are easy enough to disable though. In Facebook go to Settings -> Ads and click the ‘Edit’ button for ‘Ads […]

Successfully Installed Mac OS 9

After the success of getting Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks installed, I thought I’d get Mac OS 9 installed too. Why you ask? Because we got a preschool CD-ROM at a garage sale and we’d like to check it out and see if Lily would like it. She won’t care how old it is. Turns out, […]

Fixing Kernel Panics on Mavericks

A few weeks ago I posted about my failure to install Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks. It would only stay running for a few minutes before it’d kernel panic and restart. However, I’ve cracked the code and I’m now running Mavericks with no problems! If you’re running into this issues, take those few minutes before the […]

How To Use the Number Pad in Vim on iTerm2

If you use iTerm2, a great alternative to Terminal on Mac, then you’ve probably tried to use the number pad and realized that it doesn’t type numbers. Good news, there is a setting you can change to make the keypad work. In iTerm2 go to preferences -> profiles -> keys -> load preset… and choose […]

Upgrade WordPress Admin & Make It Mobile Friendly

If you want to upgrade your WordPress admin to look a lot cleaner and make it mobile friendly, download the MP6 plugin. The MP6 plugin is developed by many of the core WordPress developers and should appear in WordPress 3.8. It’s technically in beta, but looks pretty darn amazing. And yes, I’m aware that the […]

Free Unlimited Private GIT Code Repositories at Bitbucket

As I learn more and more bout Git, I realize that I’d like to use it to manage all my sites. Sounds great, except GitHub wants $7 a month for private repositories. Bitbucket however seems to be exactly what I’m looking for. I can create as many Git repositories as I want and they are […]