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Echofon for Mac returns from the Twitter deadpool.

Back in October, Echofon released a statement saying that they were ending support for their Mac Twitter application. They had no plans on updating to Twitter’s API version 1.1 and so it’s days were numbered. However, just today, they quietly updated the desktop app with API 1.1 support so it’ll live on. Not only did […]

Shakeup With Mac Desktop Twitter Apps

Seems that there has been a lot of news this week regarding Mac Twitter apps; and it’s all good. Old favorites are coming back while others have been acquired. Tweetie 2 Tweetie 2 is released! Ok, so it should be released today when the new Mac App Store launches. TechCrunch as confirmed it so now we just have to wait […]

16 Mac Apps That I Can’t Live Without

The other day I bit the bullet and erased my iMac. I wanted to combine my partitioned drive into one and I wanted to clean out the crud. Now my iMac is neat and clean again. I’m being very cautious of what apps I put back on as I don’t want to add a bunch […]

While Waiting For Tweetie 2 Mac, Check Out Echofon

A lot of us have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Tweetie 2 for the Mac, but it hasn’t come. Whereas Tweetie 1 is very nice, things like list support is missing. So, while waiting for Tweetie 2 for the Mac to arrive, I check out Echofon and haven’t turned back. Echofon is a […]

Why Do Twitter Apps On The iPhone Rock, But Are Lacking On the Desktop?

What is it about Twitter apps that are fantastic on the iPhone and lacking on the desktop? Tweetie, Twitterrific and Echofon all rock on the iPhone, but when it comes to the desktop version, they’re all lacking in the latest and greatest Twitter features. Lets start with Twitterrific, if you’ve used it, you know that […]