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While Waiting For Tweetie 2 Mac, Check Out Echofon

A lot of us have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Tweetie 2 for the Mac, but it hasn’t come. Whereas Tweetie 1 is very nice, things like list support is missing. So, while waiting for Tweetie 2 for the Mac to arrive, I check out Echofon and haven’t turned back.

Echofon MacEchofon is a really nice Twitter application for the Mac. Like Tweetie 1 and Twitterrific, its kind of free as long as you don’t might a nagging window on startup and the occasional ad; which isn’t that bad. Or you can shell out a few dollars and own it outright.

The nice thing about Echofon is it has list support built-in. You can view your lists, add and remove people from lists and create new ones if you need to. This is big for me as I’m a huge fan of lists. They help me filter though my followers so I can keep up to date on my ‘real’ friends or segment people by topic.

Echofon also does a great job at showing the conversation of a set of tweets so you don’t miss out on anything. It even has a feature where it’ll highlight tweets with particular keywords so you can quickly scan a lot of tweets for certain subjects. I have mine setup to highlight anything with iPad, Mac or Minnesota so I don’t miss out on something I may be interested in.

Another thing I really like about Echofon is that to shorten a URL it’s Apple+S. That’s so easy to remember and use. Of course it also has the ability to auto shorten URLs, so the shortcut isn’t even needed.

Echofon also supports multiple accounts, image uploading, ties to your account, has Growl notifications, the ability to view profile information, follow un-follow block or mark someone as spam, and pretty much everything Tweetie does plus more.

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to give Echofon a try for one week and I haven’t looked back. It’s an excellent Mac application and well worth checking out while we all await Tweetie 2 Mac, or Twitter 2 Mac, or whatever they are going to call it.

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