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Shakeup With Mac Desktop Twitter Apps

Seems that there has been a lot of news this week regarding Mac Twitter apps; and it’s all good. Old favorites are coming back while others have been acquired.

Tweetie 2

TweetieTweetie 2 is released! Ok, so it should be released today when the new Mac App Store launches. TechCrunch as confirmed it so now we just have to wait a few more hours.

Tweetie was the best Mac Twitter app around until the developer was acquired by Twitter and the new app release was delayed. It’s missing quite a few features, but the new version will bring fans flocking back.

Twitterrific 4

TwitterrificTwitterrific 4 will be launching sometime this year. The hints seem to be sooner than later, but that could be weeks, or months yet.

It’s been years since Twitterrific had a real update. It was king of the Twitter apps back in its day but now lacks quite a few features. It’s still a nice simple app, but fans have wanted more for a long time. It’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up next to Tweetie 2 when it does arrive!


EchofonEchofon was acquired by a company called Postup. They plan to keep updates coming along with a new iPhone & Firefox versions yet this month. No word on the desktop app update, but I’m sure it’ll continue to go strong.

I’m a big fan of Echofon currently. It’s one of the few Twitter apps that seems to have it all without a cluttered interface. It’s been my default Twitter app for quite a while now on the Mac and it’ll be hard to switch to anything else.


SocialiteThe all-in-one social networking app Socialite was also acquired. This seems odd as it changed hands a little over a year ago and now it’s changing again. Not sure why no one seems to be able to hold on to it, but hopefully that stops now.

Socialite is not only a Twitter app, but it also incorporates Facebook, Digg, RSS, and Flickr. It’s a nice app and one that I’d love to use more, but also one that seems to feel heavy and a bit overwhelming when you get a few accounts added. I’m hoping that the new owners will take the app to the next level and make it as great as it could be.

The news of Tweetie 2 and Twitterrific 4 are huge. Those apps are king on the iPhone and seeing all new, updated, versions on the Mac will be a great battle for the best Twitter desktop application.

Echofon and Socialite have a lot of promise too and I’m hoping developers continue to build them out into even better apps.

This doesn’t even take into consideration other great apps like Itsy, Nambu, Syrinx, Kiwi, TweetDeck, HelTweetica and many of the other Mac Twitter apps that are out there.

The competition is strong, who do you think will come out on top this year?

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  1. eddy cee says:

    ok i have a concern about all these desktop apps. I use twitter all the time i have my computer (via web browser safari) and i also use google reader at all times (via web browser safari) but I am concerned about system memory. Is it better to run these as their own desktop apps (obviously more robust features) instead of seperate tabs in Safari? By better i mean which method uses less system resources. Any answers or suggestions?

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