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Lycos Mail Mini-Review

Well Lycos is the newest contender in the competition to win over your email business. So, jumping on the bandwagon, I gave Lycos Mail ago. Overall, it’s nice, but lacking. The interface looks really nice. It has a good color scheme and an up-to-date graphics. However, the graphical ads kill it. It tarnishes the nice […]

PayPal Scams – So Real

I can’t believe how good these PayPal scams are getting. So good that I fell for it!! But, I caught myself before I did anything stupid. I got an email saying that my PayPal account has been accessed by a foreign IP and I was to click the login link and verify my account. So […]

Thunderbird Saves Everything – Compact It

I’ve been using Thunderbird for a while now and it wasn’t until recently that I learned something quite valuable. Thunderbird doesn’t permanently delete anything! 😮 I turned on a setting the other day that caused me to loose a lot of email. I paniced, did some researching and found my mail. It was still there, […]