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Lycos Mail Mini-Review

Well Lycos is the newest contender in the competition to win over your email business. So, jumping on the bandwagon, I gave Lycos Mail ago. Overall, it’s nice, but lacking.

The interface looks really nice. It has a good color scheme and an up-to-date graphics. However, the graphical ads kill it. It tarnishes the nice look and feel horribly. However, if you block ads, I guess you could get past that. You could also pay for email and then the ads would be removed too.

The way the mail works is also slightly dated. With Google, Yahoo and MSN moving towards ajaxy mail applications, Lycos feels a bit behind. It’s not ajaxey or it doesn’t feel like it anyways. I haven’t tried the new Yahoo or MSN mail, but from what I’ve heard, they should be much nicer.

Ohh and the smilies, yea, kinda creapy.

Overall, they are offering more space and unlimited file attachment sizes. Two features that sound cool, but most people will never use all that space or need attachment support that large. Lycos Mail is not bad, but it’s nothing to get over excited about.

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