I’m very unhappy with Adobe right now. I called yesterday and asked them if Adobe Acrobat Standard could convert Word documents to PDFs on a Mac and keep all images and clickable links. They said yes so the program was bought. However, none of my documents contain clickable links after they’ve been converted from Word to a PDF.

So I asked why on Adobe’s forms and I was informed by a user that clickable links in PDFs from Word are not possible on the Mac. What??!! I made a point to ask specifically for this feature on my Mac and they told me it was possible! What a crock!

So I called back today and the customer service person said that the people on the forums probably know more then they do and she could’t tell me if the feature I was looking for was actually possible. However, she would send me to tech support to get a definite answer at a cost of $39.

I’m so pissed. I asked specifically for features on my platform and I was told it was possible. This could have been easily rectified by having downloadable trial of Adobe Acrobat on Adobe’s part, but there isn’t one for Macs.

My options now are to re-link everything in the PDF though Adobe Acrobat. This is not ideal, but it should work. Then I just may return the product due to the fact it was sold under false pretenses.