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Google Browser Sync – Firefox to Flock

Seeing that Flock has now entered public beta, and I think it kind of rocks, I wanted to try and sync Firefox and Flock so I could go back and forth. Well it kind of worked. First I had to edit he Google Browser Sync extension so it would install in Flock. No problems there. […]

Watch Out Firefox – Flock Rocks

When I discovered the other day that Flock has been updated, and was now a Universal Mac application, I decided to check it out. I thought Flock was cool back in the day, but now it rocks! I love my Firefox, but I’m constantly checking out new browsers to see what they have to offer. […]

yExplore Adds Firefox 2 & 3 Support

yExplore has been updated to version 1.2 adding support for Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. Since it’s a basic extension, and doesn’t tie into much that will change a lot, I thought it was safe to add the additional support. It has been tested by a friend in the latest version of Firefox so now […]

Flock Finally Goes Universal

When I saw Flock today on MacUpate, the same question passed though my mind, ‘is it Universal yet?’ I have an Intel iMac at home and Flock performed less than great. I’m not sure why but it just felt wrong. So, I searched for a build that ran natively on Intel Mac processors with no […]