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Watch Out Firefox – Flock Rocks

When I discovered the other day that Flock has been updated, and was now a Universal Mac application, I decided to check it out. I thought Flock was cool back in the day, but now it rocks!

I love my Firefox, but I’m constantly checking out new browsers to see what they have to offer. Now, some people say Flock is Firefox and ductape, but I almost prefer Flock to Firefox!


  1. Flock has a very polished look and feel. Firefox isn’t bad, but Flock is great.
  2. Flock has built in spell check. Something I need to install Googlebar to get on my Intel Mac. (Spellbound no longer works)
  3. Has a built in RSS reader that acts much like Sage. It’s integrated nicely and works fantastic.
  4. Has a built in blogging tool. No extra extensions required.
  5. Has Flickr (or Photobucket) integrated for uploading, managing and browsing photos.
  6. Has multiple bookmark bars wich are very handy! Any clue how to get this in Firefox?
  7. The search bar has live Yahoo search and bookmarks built in. So if I were to search for something, it’d search my bookmarks and Yahoo as I type.
  8. Has a clipboard so I can store images, text and other information.
  9. Has the bookmark manager built into a tab. Nicer than a pop-up window to me.

That’s what I’ve found so far. I’m becoming a big fan and I’d love the ability to have multiple user profiles built in.

Granted it has some shortcomings to. It doesn’t work with a bunch of Firefox extensions, but that’s because developers haven’t added a bit of Flock install code. I highly doubt it’s that hard since it’s the same asFirefox at the core.

Flock is still in beta mode and I’m very excited to see where it’s going. GREAT job so far and I just may switch over to Flock at home. 😉

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  1. 6/14/2006

    […] Seeing that Flock has now entered public beta, and I think it kind of rocks, I wanted to try and sync Firefox and Flock so I could go back and forth. Well it kind of worked. […]

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