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Google Browser Sync – Firefox to Flock

Seeing that Flock has now entered public beta, and I think it kind of rocks, I wanted to try and sync Firefox and Flock so I could go back and forth. Well it kind of worked.

First I had to edit he Google Browser Sync extension so it would install in Flock. No problems there. Then it did all the work for me and synced everything except bookmarks. Cookies, history and saved passwords all came across with no problems. However, no bookmarks.

Now, if I could only figure out how to get my Firefox bookmarks in Flock. Then I’d be all set.

Download the unofficial Google Browser Sync for Flock at my account. Be nice and sign up for a free account too.

This is an unofficial extension. I’m not responsible for any quarks and oddities. It worked for me.

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  1. Sam. says:

    The bookmarks won’t work as Flock do their bookmarks in a different way from Firefox.

  2. Google’s browser sync is cool! With respect to bookmarks, you can do the following to make them into favorites:

    1) move the current flock profile out of the way
    2) set firefox up (default browser, has bookmarks, …)
    3) run flock, it will ask to if you want to import your settings, choose from firefox
    4) either re run google browser sync to get all your other settings or you can move the file flock_favorites.rdf to your old profile and use it instead.

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for putting this up. 🙂 Really appreciate it.

  4. Really usefull extension!
    Good job!

  5. byrnegreen says:


    This doesn’t seem to work with Flock 2.0, or I am not aware of how to allow for the install. Flock calls it an “Incompatible Extension” and says: “Google Browser Sync” will not be installed because it does not provide secure updates.

    Any thoughts on a workaround?


  6. Thomas says:

    Google has discontinued Google Browser Sync and any type of updates or hacks no longer work.

  7. Yes, that is true.
    Now I use Foxmarks instead.
    Give it a try.

  1. 6/25/2006

    […] Unfortunately though flock is based off firefox, its not supported which is a shame cause I primarily use flock. However, there is a hacked version of Google Sync which will work for flock here. […]

  2. 8/1/2006

    […] has a short entry about you can use the Google Browser Sync to sync cookies, passwords, and history. Syncing bookmarks, however, didn’t work. This version of the Google Browser sync has been edited to do this and is unofficial and unsupported. I would be interested to hear how this works for anyone who tries it. Personally, I have hardly used Firefox since installing Flock. […]

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