The feed buttons you have on your blog are causing my server to have performance issues. I had asked people to update their buttons a while ago and it hasn’t helped enough. Now an ever increasing image is going to force people to update. Every few days the image will grow larger and larger. Currently it’s 200x200px and hopefully that’ll grab some peoples attention. Next week it could be 2000×2000. I hate to do it, but I need to stop people from linking the feed button images to my site.

If you host your own blog then please host the images too. Linking back to my site is causing a big server strain. Please download the images and update your code to reference the images locally.

If you can’t host the images, then please re-create your buttons using the updated Chicklet Creator (at it’s new home). I have outsourced most images so that they are coming from their official service sites. For example, we are now linking the Google image to the official Google site. This updated code will allow quite a bit of relief to come to my web server.

Now, linking out to the official images means that they are controlled by those services, not by me. If MSN should decide to take their button away, then your image will disappear too. That’s a downside to linking to the official images. For best results, download the images and upload them on your own server.

Starting next week, I may have to start to block out some sites. If your buttons disappear, than just re-create them or host the images yourself. I hate to do this, but I have no way of contacting the hundreds of sites out there using my images.

You may also see an image on your website that has a message about an important announcement. This would be why. I need to get people to update their buttons so my website can stay online.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I’m feeling the price of success. 🙂