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Listen To Prince’s Vikings Fight Song – Purple & Gold

Prince has released a new fight song just for the Minnesota Vikings! You can listen to a snippet of it above. Full version here:—Purple-and-Gold/e48c43f8-27e8-4ff4-a367-1d36975dd042 Not quite what I was expecting, but what do you think? Purple and Gold Lyrics the veil of the sky draws open the roar of the chariots touch down we […]

Showcase: Indianapolis Colts Firefox Theme

I know that my Firefox Theme tutorials get a lot of attention, but I don’t always get to see the outcome.  One that I know of though is the Indianapolis Colts Firefox theme. Theme designer, madBOX20, went though my tutorials and created this football theme.  Sure, he started with one of my themes, but he designed […]

2006 Super Bowl XL Ads

You can check out all the ads from the 2006 Super Bowl (XL) at iFilm. I didn’t catch to many, so I’ll be watching them online too. Keep in mind, iFilm will be extremely busy for a few days so be patient. Oh and congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers!