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10 Reasons to Watch The Vikings & Bears Chaos on Monday Night Football

Vikings, TCF & Snow - Photo via Eric Miller / Reuters

Vikings, TCF & Snow - Photo via Eric Miller / Reuters

This could be the best Monday Night Football game ever! Why?

  1. The TCF Stadium is not designed to operate in December. Heck until a week or so ago it was in hibernation for the winter with most seats under a few feet of snow.
  2. Seats are first come first serve. If you’ve got cheap tickets, you can sit front and center. You just have to get there early. That means the crazies could be in row 1.
  3. The field “is like walking on concrete” -Vikings Chris Kluwe. No fancy soft astroturf here. Just rock solid, fumble enhanced, concussion ready, frozen tundra.
  4. Includes a snowstorm! All reports are expecting at least a 1/2 a foot of snow that should be falling during the game.
  5. No Beer! This means that the fans must be drunk before entering, or suffer though a cold crappy Vikings game sober.
  6. The Bears don’t know what they’re getting in to. At least the Vikings know the playing & field conditions. The Bears will be clueless until they get here.
  7. New Coach New Quarterback – Between Coach Leslie Frazier and quarterback Joe Webb, I think you can count the number of combined NFL games played on one hand.
  8. The Vikings suck. Lets face it, they’ve had a less than stellar season. And why start now? They probably won’t risk hurting the star players. That means lots of TV time for the less than awesome players.
  9. Mass confusion. Fans won’t know were to park, players won’t know where to go, and no one is really sure how this will work. We’ll just play some football and see what happens.
  10. A national audience. As if it’s not awkward enough, all this will play out on national television! This could be reality TV at its best!

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  1. Blake says:

    Good list Thomas! Can you only imagine the chaos that will take over the campus tonight? For once I’m glad I’m not on campus anymore! The no beer had me rolling, I knew it was coming, there was no way the U was going to allow beer to be sold.

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