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Why I left DigitalOcean’s cheap hosting.

  When I first heard about DigitalOcean I was excited as the price point was so low and the servers so nice. I knew I’d have to learn some things as I go, but I was happy to take it on. Turns out, I don’t have the time to learn all the things I need to […]

PHP fixes security bug then takes down websites (502 error) when they upgrade.

I have manage my own Ubuntu server (12.04.4 LTS with Nginx) over at DigitalOcean and when I ran the upgrade command tonight (sudo apt-get upgrade) everything went offline. Instead of websites, I was getting an 502 bad gateway error. Turns out, PHP updated and fixed a security issue, that then took my websites offline as the server didn’t […]

Saving Money and Manning My Own Server. It’s Easier Than You Think.

I now manage a web server and I still don’t have a clue what’s going on. Who wants cheap hosting? Most everyone does. That’s why we look at Dreamhost, Bluehost, or one of the thousands others that offer dirt cheap plans. The problem with these types of setups is that you’re on a shared server. […]

What makes a good web host?

I’ll admit it, I have A.D.D when it comes to technology. There’s always something new, someone cheaper, or something shiny that grabs my attention. But new isn’t always better. As I’m writing this post, I’m having conversations with my web host, A Small Orange, over high CPU performance. It seems that something on my WordPress […]

New URLs & Lots of Patients

For some time I’ve wanted to remove the month, day, year from my URL structure on my blog but I haven’t. Everything I’ve ever learned about SEO is to not change the URLs. However I really wanted to. Then, late last week, my host somehow blocked Google bot from accessing the server I’m on and […]

Taking Chances with Dreamhost

I’m taking the chance on Dreamhost hosting. I’ve read the good the bad and the ugly, however I’m still checking it out. Actually, I’ve used Dreamhost for another site in the past and it hasn’t been bad at all. So maybe it’s the unusually high amount of traffic the site gets that makes a big […]