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Free Mac Applications – Download Now

It’s December which means MacAppADay has started. Today it’s a nifty little iTunes controller and I’ve seen YummyFTP in the previews. Get your free download before they are gone:

Using Optimized Firefox Again

Once again I’ve fallen for this grand idea of optimized versions of Firefox. I’ve tried them in the past only to fall back on the default Firefox. But here I go again. This time I’m running both G5 and Intel optimized versions with aqua widgets. I have to say, seeing check boxes and radio buttons […]

Growl Present 1.0

To go along with Tinseltown, my Firefox Christmas Theme, I created Present for Growl. Growl is a notification system for Mac OS X: it allows applications that support Growl to send you little pop-up notifications. I had always wanted to create a Growl notification and found out that they are quite simple. I took my […]

9 Great, Free Mac Applications

To fill sometime between now and my next ‘announcement’, I thought I’d share five nine free Mac apps that make my day easier. Firefox – Customizable web browser. I love it. Thunderbird – For work Email. TextWranger – Great all around text/html editor. AOL Radio – XM Radio for free and almost commercial free. Sweet. […]

Free & Discounted Mac Apps

It all started with MacZot a few months ago. The idea was to give discounted, and sometimes free, applications to Mac users. Recently MacUpdate jumped on board with the daily special idea and now MacAppADay is next on the list. MacAppADay is all about free apps and it sounds almost to good to be true. […]

MacHeist – I’m In

I’m not even sure what I’m into yet but I’m now a member of MacHeist. Shhh it’s a secret.  I think.

iClip vs iClip Lite – Multiple Clipboards

A while ago I was introduced to iClip. iClip is a multi-clipboard application that records about as many items as you want. It can save the last three or 10 or 20+ clipboard items. Seeing as I have a tendency to copy something, then copy over it before I used the first one, this is […]

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0.4

In one of the fastest upgrades ever, I’ve got Blog on a Stick up to WordPress 2.0.4. Thanks to YummyFTP, the fastest FTP client I’ve ever seen, it tool like a minute. Sweeeet.

Technology is Bitter Sweet

Ahh it’s a bitter sweet time. A few days ago Apple announced all new iMacs with twice the processor speed at a lower price. Now, I love my iMac, but it’s always hard to see the new machines arrive just months after I got mine. Being in the forefront of technology is next to impossible […]

Mac User Installs XP

I’ve just finished installing Windows XP Home (Service Pack 2) and it was quite the process. I’m so happy to be a Mac user. 🙂 It started off just trying to figure out how to boot off the CD. Mac OS install CDs say right on them, to startup off the CD hold down the […]