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Dreamweaver Replacement on the Mac?

I’m looking for a replacement for Dreamweaver on my new iMac. I like Dreamweaver but it seems to complex (and expensive) for what I need.

What I’d like in a new app is code completion and code preview abilities. Granted, I know that’s not always available. Built in FTP would be good too but not necessary. If I could edit in graphical mode that’d be awesome. Dreamweaver has the code and preview modes and both are editable.

Here is my list of applications so far that I’ve found. Granted they don’t meet all my needs, but I want to consider everything. I can adapt to fewer features for $350 dollars less. (Dreamweaver is $400)

BBEdit – Costs to much I think.
NVU – Doesn’t do PHP so it’s out.
Style Master – Does this do HTML?

What else should I consider? What do you use? All suggestions welcome.


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  1. firecad2006 says:

    try NVU its free and good, i use dreamweaver i don’t see whats so hard about it i love it, Flash is a little harder at first.

  2. Thomas says:

    NVU is horrible at placing files via FTP and doesn’t do PHP. It’s out.

  3. Geoff says:

    jEdit – – does php thru a plugin, also does ftp/sftp using a plugin. I use it everyday primarily for these reasons. Haven’t found a wysiwyg plugin yet though.

  4. Dave says:

    TextMate from MacroMates – You will never go back.

    You should check out some of the screencasts (and no, I have no affiliation more than being a completely satisfied customer)

  5. aiwmedia says:

    Coda by Panic is a newer app but could be just what your looking for.

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