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Where’s Wall-E? Can you find him?

I’m a fan of the Where’s Waldo books for some reason so when I came across Where’s Wall-E I couldn’t stop looking for him until I found him. It took a few minutes, but I found him; along with a lot of other cool robots! This robot art comes via

The Beauty of Pixar

I love Pixar movies. The stories are great, the characters are well thought out and the imagery is amazing. This is why Pixar is so successful!

Wall-E with a Candy Cane

Caught WALL-E in the holiday spirit collecting candy canes the other day.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see the little guy with a sugar high?

Tis the Season to be Joll-E

While browsing around Amazon the other day, I saw a great WALL-E ad that featured Wall-E in a Santa hat with some Christmas lights.  So I took a screen shot and made it iPhone/iPod Touch friendly, just for you. 🙂 Also available is the Happy WALL-E Days iPhone background and the WALL-E Jammin on an […]

iPod WALL•E Desktop Wallpaper

Inspired by the latest iPod commercials, I thought that WALL•E looked like the iPod type.  He is in fact created by Pixar, Apple’s BFF in the movie industry.  So I put together an Apple like WALL•E desktop wallpaper; complete with iPod. What do you think?  Is WALL•E jammin’ or what? 🙂

WALL•E Comes to a Firefox Theme

While browsing through the Mozilla Addons site yesterday I came across the official WALL•E Firefox theme! Unfortunately the theme is Windows only. However, with a bit of investigating, I was able to extract the jar file and install it on my Mac. The theme is pretty good. WALL•E is a bit hard to see behind […]

iPhone Overload – Please Shut Up

Ok, I’m a big Apple fan and I think the iPhone is pretty cool, but the amount of attention it has been getting the past week is overwhelming. People are going crazy over things like cancellation policies. Who cares about that? I’m all for good iPhone information, but the amount of information flooding the web […]