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When did email become a hassle?

I’ve been emerged in an extremely cool project for the past week or so and my email has just been piling up. so many that I’m kind of dreading going though them. When did email stop being fun and start being a hassle?

I can remember back to when I first got an email account. It was so cool and I wanted anyone to email me. Email was revolutionary as we could communicate in seconds around the world! Now I get so many emails that I can hardly keep up. I’m not even talking about spam, but real email.

From blog comments to forum responses, family, friends and people who have a quick question, I get more email than I ever imagined. Don’t get me wrong, I love email, but keeping up with it is extremely hard.

So, if you’ve emailed me and haven’t heard back, be patient. I’ll get to it eventually. Inbox, here I come!!

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