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MacHeist – I gave in and got great software.

MacHeist has been giving quite the software deal for the past week. I’ve been intregued, but I haven’t bougt it. Until this morning.

I was reading how MacHeist gives 25% to charity and has raised over $100,000 already. Between the 25% that goes to charity and the amazing 85% off software package, I couldn’t resist anymore.

What really stuck my eye was TextMate. I really wanted to try it and it was the same price normally as this whole package was overall. Disco will come in handy, Delicious Library looks cool, wife can play Bugdom 2 and iClip 4 will now be mine when it comes out. The other software will be fun to play with also. The only duplicate is DEVONthink Person as I got that a few days ago on MacAppADay.

Did you take part? If so, what’s the coolest piece of software they made available?

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