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Find Christmas Backgrounds & Desktops with Flickr & Photobucket

It’s almost Christmas and as it inches near, getting a nice Christmas background for your computer will help spice up your desktop a bit. If you need help finding them, checkout Flickr, Photobucket and other photo sharing sites.

Search terms should include

  • Christmas Background
  • Christmas Desktop
  • Christmas Wallpaper
  • Holiday Background
  • Holiday Desktop
  • Holiday Wallpaper

You can also interchange Christmas with Santa, snow, snowflake, snowman, reindeer, Christmas tree, Christmas lights or your favorite holiday item.

The hardest part is finding a wallpaper that meets your size requirements and/or weeding out those that actually have a desktop snapshot that includes all the files and menubar.

With a little bit of digging, you will find something that puts you in the holiday mood.

Did you find a good one? Or have other sites to share? Post them in the comments below.

[Update] offers a growing selection of great Christmas desktops.

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