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Don’t trust iPhoto with your Flickr photos.

I found out yesterday that iPhoto, when integrated with Flickr, alters your sets based on iPhotos limitations and doesn’t let the user know. I’ve been using Flickr for years and have been very happy with it. Once Lily was born the number of photos I uploaded increased dramatically. I’ve now got nearly 900 Lily photos, […]

Goodbye Flickr. Hello Zooomr.

I’m no longer an active Flickr user as I’ve switched over to Zooomr for all my photo sharing needs. Actually, I did this long ago, but now that Zooomr Mark III is out, I thought I’d share. There were two things that drove me away from Flickr. One, the photo limit. I hit the max […]

Help Save A Startup – Zooomr

One of my favorite startup companies is in need of help. Zooomr is a great photo sharing site much like Flickr or Photobucket. However, during a recent upgrade, they ran into major issues. Now they are in dire need of new database machines to get everything back online. One can donate via the Zooomr homepage. […]

Find Christmas Backgrounds & Desktops with Flickr & Photobucket

It’s almost Christmas and as it inches near, getting a nice Christmas background for your computer will help spice up your desktop a bit. If you need help finding them, checkout Flickr, Photobucket and other photo sharing sites. Search terms should include Christmas Background Christmas Desktop Christmas Wallpaper Holiday Background Holiday Desktop Holiday Wallpaper You […]

Flock Blogging Rocks

I just found a sweet Feature of Flock. If you are posting to your blog via your blog’s admin or Flocks blog software, you can use Flocks built in Flickr browser, find a picture you want, and drag it to your post. Flock will write all the code for you without ever having to go […]

5 Reasons To & Not To Use Flock

Flock is an up-and-comming web browser. Based on Firefox’s rendering engine and having quite a few of the same qualities, Flock should be a contender as it works it’s way towards 1.0. However it has some good and some not so good qualities. Five Reasons To Use Flock 1) Nice Feed Reader – Granted, there […]

Tagging 101 : From Folders to Tags

You know what a folder is but what is a tag? For those that are just jumping into the blog world, or the Web 2.0 world for that matter, there is a new idea out there called tagging. Much like folders or categories, it’s a way of keeping things organized. Lets start out simple with […]