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Help Save A Startup – Zooomr

Zooomr LogoOne of my favorite startup companies is in need of help. Zooomr is a great photo sharing site much like Flickr or Photobucket. However, during a recent upgrade, they ran into major issues. Now they are in dire need of new database machines to get everything back online.

One can donate via the Zooomr homepage. Any amount is accepted. If you work for, or know someone at, a large company maybe you could see this as an opportunity to fund the startup or donate some hardware. 🙂

In the internet age, everyone has the ability to create something fantastic. Zoho is taking on Microsoft & Google with office type applications. Zooomr is taking on Flickr & Photobucket. Meebo is trying to get the IM kids online and there are many more. Not long ago Flickr, YouTube and MyBlogLog were startups too and now are owned by major search companies and quickly becoming a household name.

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