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Run red lights in NYC without leaving home.

If you haven’t seen the buzz, Google Maps now has street level views. You can actually see what the city looks like from the street level along with what’s to the right and left of you. All views from the drivers seat.

Unfortunately this isn’t available for all cities yet, but New York City is one of the select cities you can test it out on right now. I gave it a test and moved my way though an intersection on a red light. Didn’t get pulled over though. 😉

NYC Red Light

Ok, so I realize that’s really hard to see, so go to Prospect Park Southwest in Google Maps.

I think MSN has been working on this mapping technology for a while now and may have also recently launched it. Yahoo and Ask will have their version too soon.

It really is amazing what types of mapping technologies are coming out. Kind of scary though. What happens if you end up in a map?  Or your license plate? Then what?  Can you get removed?

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  1. gml4 says:

    Wow… simply amazing!

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