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Goodbye Flickr. Hello Zooomr.

Moved to ZooomrI’m no longer an active Flickr user as I’ve switched over to Zooomr for all my photo sharing needs. Actually, I did this long ago, but now that Zooomr Mark III is out, I thought I’d share.

There were two things that drove me away from Flickr. One, the photo limit. I hit the max of 200 on a free account and that was it. No more uploading until I paid money. Doesn’t Yahoo own this now? Can’t they kick in the money and give me unlimited uploads? I’m sure it’ll happen, but not soon enough.

Second was another limitation on photo sets. It wasn’t the limitation that bugged me as much as the 30 minutes I spent searching for a ‘How To’ on creating photo sets. I was so frustrated and in the end, the answer was that I reached the limit on sets for my free account. Why they couldn’t have just said that in the first place is beyond me.

But long ago I came across Zooomr. It had an easy to use interface, no upload limits that I could see and I was just happy. Since then, no looking back.

I think that with the latest version there are no upload limits at all. I’m not 100% positive that thats for free accounts, but I do know that back in November they were giving free accounts with 100MB worth of uploads a month. Since Mark III just launched, I think the details on limits are a bit sketchy. But I know they out-do Flickr and keep talking about unlimited uploads.

I actually got in on a promotion that gave pro accounts to all bloggers that just created a free account, uploaded an image and posted it on their blog. I now have unlimited everything over at Zooomr and I LOVE it.

The latest version of Zooomr (live but with a few bugs) includes a Zipline which is like Twitter with text and photos, a market place where I can sell my photos, groups with games and privacy and many more features. They are working hard at making it the best photo sharing site out there.

Yes, Flickr is nice. But I’ve hit the limits and I’m not even an active photographer. I just needed a better option and Zooomr hits the sweet spot.

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