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Trying my hand at a Thunderbird theme.

Just a few days ago I came across Vitae, an amazing Shapeshifter theme. Since I got my new iMac, I haven’t installed Shapeshifter or even thought twice about themes, but now I wanted it. I searched for my serial number and got it installed and it was beautiful. It really is worth a check-out.

Then I thought that it’d be a good Thunderbird theme. You know, something to match Vitae’s theme. So I emailed the author and asked permission to use his elements and starting toying around with a Thunderbird theme. Talk about no fun.

The first few takes at theming Thunderbird haven’t been successful. I’ve tried and tried and things are going at such a slow pace. Issues everywhere and I finally contacted Brett, another themer, and asked him if I could use Cobalt as the base of my theme. He said yes and I felt like I was finally getting somewhere.

However, after hours of work today, I feel like I’ve got nothing done. It’s not amazing, it’s barely started and my excitement for it is wearing thin. I’ll probably keep working on it a little bit here and there but it’s really eating up my time. I lost 2 hours this afternoon that I had hoped to do so much more with. Yikes!

If I get permission to use some of Vitae’s elements, and if I continue hacking Thunderbird, I think the theme will be really nice. But, don’t be expecting anything anytime soon. 🙂

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