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My Ford Fusion Experience

While my car was in getting it’s airbag fixed the other day (I guess an airbag is important) my loaner car was a Ford Fusion and it’s quite a nice car. The outside looks pretty slick. Nothing to amazing or odd so that’s good. Inside it was well designed and very driver friendly.

Behind the wheel, most dashboard lights were hidden and it was a clean, minimal feel. This is the first thing that caught my eye and something that really stuck with me. For some reason, it was just relaxing.

The radio area had a 6 disk CD changer but sadly no iPod input. Maybe you have to pay more for that. There were radio controls on the steering wheel too which are quite convenient. Around the radio was a nice pattern that seemed to fit well with the car. The radio even had a button for mute so you can talk on your cell. Not that anyone would ever talk on their cell and dive as that’s unsafe. 😉 Sad part about the radio was that it didn’t go down to 87.5 where my iTrip works the best.

In the doors there were what looked like extra cup holders making a total of 4 up front. You can never have enough cup holders. The drivers seat was all electronic and I was able to do more adjusting that I thought I ever would need. The car also told you things like miles, trip miles, other trip miles, miles to empty and gas millage. That was kinda sad as it showed only 23 mpg. But an average of 31 mpg so go figure.

Overall, the car handled well, looked great and had an interior that not only looked good, but was driver friendly. I’d definitely take a look at this one if I were buying a car anytime soon. Granted, most items in the Fusion are probably in most cars now but my Focus doesn’t have all that fancy stuff and now I’m a bit jealous.

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  1. I just sold my Focus when moving out to Seattle. It was a great car at one point in time…until everything broke. I actually hate the exterior styling of the Fusion. Way too much chrome and square features. Nope, my next car will be a 2007 VW GTI.

  2. Thomas says:

    My Focus turns 7 this spring and it’s starting to fall apart too. 🙁 But I’m optimistic it’ll last for a few more years.

  3. TomJaworowski says:

    I just saw this car at the Chicago Auto Show two weeks ago it is really nice but I have to say I like the VW ones more though. I hope they release a Hybird Version of the Fusion.

  4. Thomas says:

    Is there a Hybrid Jetta yet? I’d be all over that as long as it also has iPod integration!!

  5. TomJaworowski says:

    No but the 2007 Jetta still has that nice feel to it like your in control but you still have to test drive it though. Here is the fuel information for a standard Jetta it can change if you get better engine model from it.

    Fuel Economy City: 22mpg
    Fuel Economy Highway: 30mpg

  6. Ford to Fusion says:

    Hello I just gave up my 2000 Focus for a new 2007 Fusion and I have to say I’ve never been more excited! I loved my Focus, as it was my first car, but it was definitely lacking some things my spoiled self wanted – like power windows, CD player, and a quiet enough ride to talk to people in the back seat.

    The 2007 Fusion has an ipod jack (it’s in the armrest next to the AC/DC plug). The buttons on the steering wheel are definitely available with the correct options/trim and even the climate control button is on the steering wheel (with the SEL trim). The car truly is unbelievable and the price is remarkable. Those of you looking at the Jetta are certainly looking at a great car, but a Jetta is smaller and less luxurious than a Fusion and they are comparable in price. I got the top trip (V6 SEL) for $20,000!

    Furthermore, VW is a car that a lot of repair shops won’t work on – I have friends who have to travel to a dealership just to get an oil change (part personal pickiness part auto shop problems).

    All in all the Fusion is, in my opinion after extensive research, the best car out there and the best buy on the market (along with the Pontiac G6).

    For those of you with the foreign-car bias, this is 2007 and the cars are all very reliable. Furthermore look at it this way, my Fusion for $20,000 is the same, features-wise, as an Accord for $27,000. Resale difference is no more than $2,000 after 5 years (and less after that). Do you really think an American car has $5,000 more expenses in repairs over 5 years than a Honda/Toyota?

  7. Thomas says:

    Now you’re making me want one even more. 🙂

    • Craig says:

      i, I work at a company, Sanford Motors and I can give you quite the deal on an 08 ford fusion SEL, if you would like? Its a loaded car, with the 17 inch alluminum wheels, with less than 7 thousand miles on it, theres a listing posted on Vehix for it, let me know if your interested.

  8. herring says:

    I have a brand new Fusion plus 2000 miles on the clock at 1700 miles its useing more oil than my old rover did and that had done over 100000 miles has anyone had the same trouble wi9th the Fusion .i wrote to Fords over two weks ago no reply called in at the local Ford dealer and the chief Engineer told me “Its not burning the oil its compressing and dropping into the sump” a natural occurance . Well in my young days rebuilding engines if i lost any oil i consider that i had not built the engine properly ../J Herring

  9. D. Johnson says:

    I have a 2006 Ford Fusion that I bought in fall of 2005. I am quite satisfied with the car in the summer but come winter it is the pits. I replaced the stock tires on it after 24000 miles. Not an expense that I thought would come that soon. I replaced them with Cooper Lifeliner SLE and they did not make the handling any better. I now have 60,000 miles on it and am afraid to travel much faster than 40 mph in the winter. I feel like I have no control. It is a wierd feeling like the front end wants to go one way and the rear wants to go the other way. I’ve had it aligned and the tires balanced and rotated, did not make any difference. It did have some front end problems around 30,000 miles and had the whole front drive shaft replaced. I’m beginning to wonder if there was more wrong with it. I would only buy another one if it was AWD and handled better in winter than mine does now.

  10. shawn says:

    America is really taking notice of the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. With an amazing 41mpg in the city, the Fusion Hybrid is America’s most fuel-efficient mid-size sedan.

    This gave us a great idea.

    Just how far is it possible to travel on a single tank of gas in the new Ford Fusion Hybrid? A team of Ford engineers is going to find out when they take the car to Washington, D.C. and drive it from full to empty.

    And while they do that, we’re asking for your help to raise awareness and funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). We will make it worth your while, too!

    Take a moment and log on to ( There, you will find a simple form where you can enter in your guess as to how many miles the team will travel on a single tank of gas. The contest runs thourgh April 24. To help you out, here are a few fun facts.

    The Fusion Hybrid fuel tank holds 17.5 gallons
    The EPA city rating is 41mpg
    Our team has been in training and has already beaten these EPA numbers on a regular basis and by a significant margin
    The driving team will be using their eco-driving skills to get the very best fuel economy possible
    The person who gets closest to the final verified mileage (to the nearest single decimal point) will be given the opportunity to drive their own Fusion Hybrid or Milan Hybrid for two weeks, with a $50 gas card provided by our partners at BP. In addition, the second place winner will receive a $300 gas card from BP, and the third place winner to receive a BP gas card for $200.

    To support JDRF, any donation amount is appreciated — it is recommended that it be $1 or more — to be made with your entry. You can place as many guesses as you like. These dollars add up and all go to help find a cure for diabetes.

    So, get your calculators out and work out what you think this remarkable Fusion Hybrid is capable of and wish the team all the best for their ‘smart driving’ initiative in Washington.

    Thank you for your support.

    Edsel Ford

    • leopold fuchs says:

      I have a 2006 Fusion 4 cylinder 5 speed. I generally enjoyed this car and was enthusiastic about it until 2 weeks ago when the lo cater pins fell out of the fly wheel destroying the transmission, clutch and fly wheel. The Ford tech says it is a fault of the manufacturer but Ford says, sorry guarantee is up. To make matters worse I have been waiting two weeks for parts as simple as the bolts that secure the pressure plate to the fly wheel.
      I bought this car to support the American manufacturer. The next guy I support will be named Hans.
      This has been an nightmare.

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