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Massive & Cheap USB Flash Drives

I’ve always wanted a USB Flash drive for some reason. I just think they look handy. So while I was buying memory for my mom online, I did a quick search and couldn’t believe how cheap they where.

I go t a 2GB Buffalo drive for $23. 2GB of storage for about $20?? That’s great. It’s Mac and PC friendly and it fits in my pocket.

The only down side is that it needs a powered USB slot. I can’t just hook it into the back of my keyboard.

If you need a little extra room, or are tired of burining CDs or FTPing files, grab a USB flash drive. They are small, handy and very inexpensive.

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  1. Gerry Henderson says:


    Check out MicroCenter. I bought a 2GB USB doofer a few weeks ago for $15 + tax at a brick-n-mortar store. Amazing how prices have come down! I think they have a similar deal on-line.

    I came to your site after seeing your yExplore extension @
    While here, I saw your PinkHope theme and I _like_ it. I’m not too big on themes, but I plan on giving it a try.



  2. Nyx says:

    Wow. I would like to be the first to welcome you to the year 2007!

    We also have these cool things called TVs!

  3. Thomas says:

    Gerry, 2BG for $15 beats my find. I’d so buy another one in a heart beat at that price. It’s just so nice having all that extra space for whatever, including portable apps. Watch for a post on that next week.

    Nyx. Thanks. 🙂 2007 seems nice so far. Ha ha. Ohh and on the TVs, we have a rain check for a 37″ LCD HDTV at Target for only $799. If it’d ever come in, we’d have a sweet sweet TV too with all the new fangled stuff.

  4. DanTen says:

    The price for USB flash is subject to ups and downs. At present the 2GB is starting to move into the lead position of best price/capacity ratio and thereby is reaching the height of its product cycle. With the 1GB being priced in close range to the 512MB and 256MB capacities while the 4GB USB flash memory sells on a much higher ratio we can expect the 2GB to soon gain status of best selling high-capacity while the price difference between 1GB USB memory flash and the lower capacities will further diverge.

    It is also going to be interesting how the Xmas sales is going to affect the prices… it usually goes up a little before Xmas.

    Look over at the MemoTrek blog for frequent updates on the flash price development in Hong Kong.

    Cheerios, DanTen

  5. Freddericka says:

    im looking for ubs cheap 1gag bite

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